Meet The Team

Explore the intersection of luxury and style with our curated collection of high-end fashion designers!

3/5/20242 min read

Cierra Hicks

Designer Cierra Hicks specializes in evening and special occasion attire. Her runway looks will feature total hand crafted garments that will exude a “wow.” Fashion is a pinnacle/medium in defining liberation. Prepare to witness Cierra’s fashion emancipation.


Designer DaRell J1S is based in Columbus Ohio. DaRell focuses on designing outerwear that will enhance your aura and give life to an alter ego.


Brianna is a self taught designer and creator of BRIJANAY from Cleveland, Ohio. Since Brianna started in 2018, her focus has been to highlight individuality and authenticity. BRIJANAY designs can be described as timeless, innovative, fearless, versatile, and unique.

Daryl Darby

Darryl Darby is actually a native of two cities Cleveland, Ohio :where he has spent most of his adult life and Detroit, Michigan where he attended Cass Technical High as a student of the arts. It was during this time he was expose to the luxury brand culture as students prized wearing the hotest brand names. Belongings to a middle class family he began up cycling high quality clothing from consignment stores; hand sewing pants and shirts and though it would be a long time before he would formally join the fashion industry, the drive and desire has always been there.


Hi my name is Ariel, Owner of Regal Boulevard and I specialize in custom clothing! My passion for sewing began at the age of 11 and it is truly a gift to be able to make my clients dream designs come true!

Xalter Zaughn

Uniquely Created and Artistically Crafted defines the Xalter Zaughn Menswear Collection from self-taught, award winning designer and creative director W Vaughn Glover.

His focus, vision and design mind provide the backdrop and primary goal of producing fashion entertainment for you the true fashion show enthusiast.

Mirendo Haley-Ivy